Birthstones and metals

  • Amethyst: Birthstone for February, it is a purple coloured quartz crystal gemstone. It is believed that it can protect against poisons, addictions and prevent hangovers. Being a quartz, it emits a magnetic force which has a calming, spiritual energy. It helps in dreaming and aids sleep. It is used for lucid dreaming, astral projections, past life regression and prophesies. Amethyst is known as Bishop’s Stone, it is worn by Catholic Bishops as it promotes wisdom and piety. Its qualities are humility, wisdom, sincerity, and honesty. Amethyst necklace is worn to help in meditation and spiritual enhancement. It cleanses the blood, aids in breathing and is used to create positivity in an area.
  • Turquoise: It is the birthstone for the month of December and is also called the truth stone. The stone has powerful healing properties and helps to heal the etheric body. It aids in communication and spiritual harmony. It is symbol of wealth and is used as a protective amulet as also a token of love in many cultures. It is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy and promotes peace and harmony within the home. It is one of the most ancient gems known to man. Its healing qualities include controlling acidity, preventing, gout, rheumatism, viral infections and digestive problems. It is especially useful in liver diseases, anemia and hysteria.
  • Lapis Lazuli: It is an ancient stone that has been used in jewellery for over 6000 years. The energy of this blue stone is truth and enlightenment. It is also known as the teacher’s stone as it symbolizes truth and wisdom and enhances clarity of mind, spirit and vision. IT is not a natural birthstone but is associated with the signs of Sagittarius and Libra as also the planet Neptune. Lapis is known to enhance creativity, insight and is used in divination. It is used as a protective stone to prevent physical as well as psychic attacks. It helps in meditation, trance and to create altered states of mind and consciousness.
  • Moonstone: It is the birthstone for June and its planet is the moon. It is a stone that indicates new beginnings, stability, growth and strength. It helps to alleviate stress and emotional turmoil and enhances intuition, inspiration, love, business and good fortune. It is used during child birth as a stone for protection and as an amulet it evokes good emotions in the wearer. Moonstone’s healing properties include, healing of pituitary gland, digestive system and balancing hormones. It also helps to reduce obesity, water retention and menstrual problems. Moonstone should be used during full moon to get the maximum benefit of its qualities.
  • Rose Quartz: It is a quartz crystal with a beautiful rose pink colour. It is also called a Love Stone as its energy promotes love, joy, healing, unconditional love, compassion and warmth. The stone is especially good if you are looking for romance in life, not just carnal romance, but also spiritual romance. It is used extensively for healing relationships and overcoming emotional problems. It helps in draining away negative emotions and promotes trust, harmony and understanding. Rose quartz is often used to help transition for the dying, as it aids reconciliation with the divine, unconditional love. It is a stone of purification and is used to protect against pollution of mind, body, emotions as well as atmosphere.
  • Sunstone: It is also known as the Joyful Stone as it promotes the nurturing and caring of one self. It is a stone that promotes leadership, personal development, power, fame, freedom and expansion of self-consciousness. It carries within itself the warmth, nurturing, light of the sun which encourages openness, kindness, strength and clarity of the mind. This is a stone of abundance. It attracts success, prosperity and good luck for the wearer. Sunstones healing abilities help to treat stomach problems, ulcers, and sore throat. It is also beneficial in depression, SAD, and nightmares. In some cultures it is also associated with the healing of joint diseases, sprains and strains and other such inflammatory disorders.
  • Peach Moonstone: It is the birthstone for the month of September. Its energy is loving and healing. It promotes power, luck sensuality and passion. It is the stone for self-expression, self-discovery, creativity, peace, harmony and balance. It is conducive to clairvoyance. It properties are calming and invigorating. It boosts the feminine energy, helps improve perception, intuition, and connecting with the spirit world. It heals digestion, controls anxiety and stress and helps in regulating the menstrual cycle. Peach Moonstone is helpful to the feminine energy. It also is good for the heart and stimulates the mind. Writers and sensitive persons benefit from its presence in their proximity.
  • Pearl: It is the birthstone for the month of June. Pearl is a symbol of innocence, of giving, charity and faith. It helps the wearer to focus and be more attentive. It is also known as the stone of sincerity and enhances personal integrity and gravity, curtailing rowdy behaviour. It promotes truth, loyalty and dignity. The healing qualities of pearls manifest themselves at physical as well as emotional level. Pearls are used to treat stress, hypertension, digestive disorders, bloating and acid reflux, it protects the soft fleshy organs of the body. It is also said to enhance fertility and ease delivery. It exudes a female energy.
  • Fluorite: Is a highly structured crystal and is also called the Stone of Discernment. It imparts is qualities to everything around it creating order and symmetry. It has a stabilizing effect on all living things. It promotes logical thinking and intuition. It improves mental faculties and assists in organizing and processing information. It is a stone that brings mental clarity to its wearer. Its healing properties help it to strengthen teeth and bone, reduce joint pain specially if it is due to arthritis. Fluorite is supposed to aid spiritual awakening, and open up channels of communication between the physical and the spiritual. It helps to ground and absorb excess energy and is useful in treatment of ADD and ADHD.
  • Sandalwood: It has a soothing and cooling effect on mind and body. It has been used in India for centuries as a treatment for prickly heat, leucoderma, skin rashes, headaches, fever, acne, and urinary infections. Its aroma helps to control anxiety and stress, promoting calmness. It also boosts memory and enhances concentration. Wearing a mala of sandalwood beads helps during meditation. It also assists with cardiovascular health, keeps hypertension under control and reduces inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Sandalwood is used to treat digestive ailments like, gas, heartburn, nausea, loose motions and indigestion. It may also be used as an aphrodisiac as it enhances sexual stimulation. Sandalwood is also said to provide protection, exorcism, enhance spirituality, remove negativity, help in astral projection, reincarnation and is used for making offerings to spirits.
  • Silver: Silver is associated with Moon and exhibits its qualities. It is a reflective material and is said to be a mirror to the soul. It shows exactly who you are, thus promoting greater self-understanding, calmness and balance. It is said to protect and alleviate negativity and negative emotions. Wearing silver by itself as a piece or jewellery or in combination with gemstones is said to attune one to the ebbs and flows of the universe. This helps to resonate with the healing vibrations of the gems and the universe more strongly. Silver is a metal of communication and gives the wearer a command over verbal faculties. It is at its strongest at full moon and new moon.
  • Gold: Is the most coveted of all metals. It is associated with wealth, prosperity happiness and comfort. It is associated with Sun energy and represents all that sun signifies. It is a metal of magic spirituality, oneness and understanding. Gold is said to check spiritual degradation and remove negativity. It helps to heal the nervous system and digestion. It is also said to help in cardiovascular functions, improving circulation and digestion. Gold is a symbol of non-corrosiveness and embodies purity of thought, spirit and action. It also promotes self-learning, education and self-improvement. It reduces the effect of trauma. Gold is called the Master Healer and it helps regeneration and co-ordination.

Another one on the Shame List

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Freelancers Beware: Article on the Shame list

When working as a freelancer, you sometimes come across clients who think that they can use your work and not pay you. I have had this happen to me many times and have then found out that the write up that they rejected actually ended up on their site. So I will not constantly post such articles here. I am calling it the shame list not because my article is bad, but so that the people who use my work know what I think of them. I am sure there will be plenty more articles posted here over time. So bear with me, and no you don’t have to read the article – this is just so that Search Engines pick it up and and penalize the site for using existing content!

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